Puppy Programs


My Private in home Puppy Program consists of 10 lessons during the course of two or three weeks.
Each lesson is one hour long.

The reason I like to have these concentrated courses for my students with puppies is that, the new or inexperienced dog owner will face a number of challenges during the first days or weeks after bringing the puppy into the house.

It is critically important, that you know what to do every time your puppy does something, so you create and maintain a good relationship with your dog.

Course outline:

  • Lecture on Pack Structure

  • Potty training

  • House braking

  • Crate training

  • Bitting

  • Jumping

  • Lecture on my system of training- Marker Training- the most effective training system ever developed.

  • Building engagement with your puppy.

  • Learning how to play with your puppy.

  • Learning how to motivate your puppy based on your dogs drive and energy level.

  • Teaching basic obedience commands(Sit, Down, Stay, Come) using motivation and reward.