Behavior Modification


Before you take any action, you have to know that behavior problems can be genetic or sometimes environmental.Some behavior problems may also occur due to poor socialization. Other times,handler error can produce negative effects on the dog.

Behavior changes do not necessarily come from things we do not do, but from specific things that we do. We, as responsible dog owners, have to be very careful with all the little things we do - they can be very faulty.

Through our daily interaction with the dog, we are constantly sending messages to these wonderful and inteligent creatures, therefore we have to make sure we are sending only the right message.

Unwanted behaviors can be eliminated a lot easier, if you stop them before they become a habit.This is especially true for puppies.

We always recommend that children and dogs be supervised when they interact. A child or even an young adult can make mistakes when playing or handling a puppy or an adult dog. That can seriously damage the dog and thus your relationship with him.

Before you start working on a specific problems your dog has, you have to know that there is some ground work required. If you did not prove to your dog that you are a fair and consistent leader and most important, that he can trust you, your dog will treat you as you would be an equal member of the pack or, even worse, he will see you as a lower ranking member and he will treat you accordingly.

We will work together to solve problems such as housebreaking, excessive barking, mouthing, aggression, chewing, jumping or anything else that might arise, be developing a specific program for you and your dog.

Good dog trainers are made not born!

Before I can present an action plan for fixing your dogs problem, I MUST asses your dog.

Please contact me for a detailed assessment of your dog and his behavior.

We will work together so you can achieve your goals.