"Dogs are man’s best friends and Stefan is dogs’ best friend. Stefan loves your dogs like they are his own and recognizes the importance of a well behaved, socialized and happy pet... Duke, Romeo and I always look forward to our training sessions. Specifically, Stefan focused on each of my golden retrievers’ strengths and weaknesses and designed a program to address their individual needs. Duke would get anxious around other dogs and Stefan introduced him to different dogs so that he could learn how to properly socialize with other dogs. He was quickly able to work through his fear and now looks forward to his “play dates” with other dogs. Walking down the street and passing unfamiliar dogs is no longer a problem for Duke. Stefan helped to train our puppy Romeo to become a therapy dog. Stefan worked with Romeo on perfecting each exercise on the canine good citizenship test and Romeo passed with flying colors! Stefan also trained and walked our dogs when we were on vacation. Knowing that a reliable, responsible and caring trainer was with our dogs while we were away gave us peace of mind. Our dogs were so fortunate to be able to work with Stefan. We highly recommend him."

Nancy and Joel Barnett


"Stefan Subaseanu has been our Dog Trainer since our dog, Molly was eight weeks old. He is so great with her that I call him our very own “Dog Whisperer”. Molly is a Black Lab, and having had experience with this breed before,we knew that they can be very oral – chewing everything in sight (including furniture!). Anyone who has seen the movie “Marley and Me” knows what I am talking about. From very early on, Stefan was able to teach not only Molly,but also us on how to minimize her exuberance for chewing things she shouldn’t. I think he is a great dog trainer because, he really understands doggie behavior and trains both the dog and their human “packs”. Stefan has helped shape Molly into the best dog we’ve ever had."

Lori Wisper

"I was introduced to Stefan while he was teaching a puppy training class.He began to train our puppy at our home which was wonderfully successful.He is not only such a warm,kind,and gentle man. He is also extremely professional and knowledgeable about his craft. Max, our puppy has come a long way since Stefan began working with us. Stefan has a firm but rewarding system of training the dogs. He takes the time to explain you all of the reasoning behind what he does. It has been my complete pleasure to have worked with Stefan."



 "Stefan, I can't thank you enough for all your help with the “boys” for the past two years. You made “Bear” bearable and your advice was always correct."

Chuck Kahalnik

"Hi Stefan, It's been a while. I hope that you are doing well. Recently, we were asked to help a little girl who was dying of cancer. I was so proud of Duke and Romeo; they really rose to the occasion and were so sweet and gentle with Maddy. You should be proud of your training! They are doing great but of course they miss you."



"I began my dog sitting business, Mrs. Doolittle, Inc., in 2007. As my clientele increased so did the need for additional services. I had met Stefan in 2006 over our love for animals. I was impressed with his knowledge of dog behavior, his enthusiastic attitude. I introduced him to several of my clients and they were equally as impressed. He began walking and training many of my dogs. Eventually, I moved into doggy daycare and Stefan was on hand to help socialize the dogs, which proved to be a needed specialty. My business has grown to its current level due in large part to Stefan’s expertise and dedication. He has truly been an invaluable asset to both me and the success of my business."

Minde Korman