Planning a Puppy


A dog can be a wonderful addition to your family. However there are many considerations that should be addressed prior to making this important decision.

Before you make the commitment to get a dog, take the time to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you and your family ready for the responsibilities of a dog?
  • Are you prepared to spend the next 10-15 years taking care of a dog?
  • Do you have the time to take care of a dog? Do you work or are away from home for several hours at a time? If so, who is going to let the dog out?
  • Are you willing to put the time into walking, training and socializing your dog?
  • Can you afford the added expense of a dog such as veterinary care, grooming, walker/daycare, and vacation boarding?


If you have answered “YES” to the above questions, then the next decision is to determine which breed of dog would fit best into your family and lifestyle.

When choosing a dog breed, consider the following:

  • What kind of home do you live in? Do you have a backyard?
  • Is anyone in your family allergic to dog hair? Are you bothered by dog hair all over your clothes and house?
  • What size, temperament and energy level of a dog best suits your current and future family situation?
  • Do you have or are you planning on having children?


Making the right choice will surely lead to a rewarding experience for you, your family and your dog!

Once the decision was made I can help you choose the right puppy for you family. We schedule a trip to the breeder and we evaluate the puppies that are in the litter you are interested in.

Then, based on your family's specific situation I will advise you to choose the puppy that suits you the best.

Then, I can help you prepare for your puppy’s arrival by creating a puppy layette that suits your puppy’s needs and develop a puppy-proofing plan so your home provides a safe environment for your new addition.