Socialization Programs


This is MORE than just a walk.

We all know how time consuming socializing a dog can be.

We also know how critical is to have a well socialized pet.

If you have decided to get a dog and later you realized that you don't have the time to socialize him you will have to do something about it.

Taking your dog to a doggie day care is a good idea, however, that will not socialize your dog.

A dog has to learn how to cope with the eventual stress induced by loud noises, cars or trucks, other dogs going by and all the other passive or active stressors we may encounter during a walk.

Your dog has to also learn to stay home alone without getting himself into trouble or stressing out, because you are not there.

I believe that a combination of both is ideal. A day per week at a day care can be beneficial.

For the rest of the week I recommend The socialization program.

I will take your dog out for walks, different places, starting with very low distraction environments and gradually working up to very busy places, making sure your dog is comfortable.

I will also practice basic obedience commands with your dog,

These socialization program are available on a limited basis and my training students have priority.


Organized play groups


Socialization is one of the most important aspects of your dog’s education.

Well socialized dogs are better pets as they have less fear of the world around them.

Also playing with other dogs is a great way for dogs of all ages to expend their energy.

I can arrange supervised play dates for your dog, with dogs of similar temperament, size and energy level.

While I know how important it is for dogs to socialize, I believe that the OFF LEASH dog park is not the best place especially for a young dog or a puppy. They pick up more bad habits than good social skills.

That is why I organize play groups for my students and their dogs.

Your dog will play for a couple of hours and I will bring him back home.