Outdoor Group Lessons


The outdoor group classes are a very inexpensive way for you to work on your dog's training by practicing obedience commands and working with your dog in real life situations.

Outdoor group classes start in April

I want to ensure that every student gets individual time during these classes. That is why I do not have classes with more than 6 dogs. That obviously results in LIMITED SPOTS.

The first level is 10 lessons long and I will focus on the basic obedience commands your dog needs to be familiar with and obey.

During this course we will have Basic Pack Structure topics and also Q&A sessions.

Course Outline:

  • Lecture on Pack Structure

  • Lecture on our system of training- Marker Training- the most effective training system ever developed.

  • Building engagement with your dog.

  • Learning how to motivate your dog based on your dogs drive and energy level.

  • Teaching basic obedience commands using motivation and reward

  • Focus

  • Down

  • Sit

  • Stand

  • Stay

  • Come

  • Walking

and....Lots of practice.

Once you have completed this course you can enroll in the next course where we are going to deal with distractions and more complicated exercises and situations.

At this point in training we are going to discuss how to deal with competing motivators during training and we will have lectures on the theory of corrections in dog training as well as how to reduce the frequency of rewards in training.

And again, lots of practice.

Please contact me in advance to enroll in one of these classes.