"The Walking Clinic"


I recommend this training program to anybody that has difficulties walking his/her dog.
It is a 10 session program each session being 30 minutes long.
In order for this training program to be efficient the student must be familiar with the training system and I also recommend they have already attended my pack structure lecture.
In the event that the student does not meet these two requirements, we will spend two to three hours to teach and discuss these concepts.
Once the course is completed the student can request additional lessons as needed.
Course outline:
-What are your dogs expectations the moment you put the leash on and after you two step outside.
-How do we control the dog without creating a conflict or undermining the relationship with him/her.
-How do we condition the dog on which side he/she needs to stay on.
-How do we teach the dog to move with you maintaining the same position In relation to your body.
-How do we teach the dog to yield to leash pressure.
-What we use and how often we reward the dog.

-How do we teach the dog to ignore distractions and stressors during the walk.

- How do we reduce the frequency of the rewards during the walk.