My goal is "Training without conflict"



Working with different breeds of dogs and obviously different temperaments and levels of drive for more than ten years has given me the ability to understand Dogs.

Coaching people how to train and communicate with their dogs is totally different than training a dog.

My goal is to help you build and maintain a good relationship with your dog by understanding how to effectively communicate and interact with him while still maintaining authority.

Every dog is unique in terms of drive , sensitivity level and determination.I will help you understand him so you can make the best decisions during training and not only.

I use a motivational training system (The marker system), based on Pavlov's research on salivary response on dogs.

It is the most effective training system ever developed and applied in dog training.

Using this training system we turn the dog into a problem solver. The dog learns to activate you, to use you, to get to his reward.

Training a dog is time consuming and implies a lot consistency in your work. That means, that NO amount of work a trainer will put into teaching you how to train your dog, will actually train your dog.

We will work together so you can achieve your goals.